Chicago, Cook, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ahlquist, Eunice Verda  7 Oct 1924Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19942
2 Anson, Hattie Virginia  15 May 1878Chicago, Cook, Illinois I3718
3 Hockert, Elaine Marie  16 Jan 1922Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19940
4 Hockert, Ernst Leonard  7 Jul 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19987
5 Hockert, Ernst Russell  30 Jan 1925Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19923
6 Hockert, Hjalmer E.  9 Sep 1887Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19919
7 Hockert, Malcolm Gustave  9 Apr 1883Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20038
8 Hockert, Mildred Anna  15 Aug 1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20035
9 Hockert, Olga Lucille  17 Mar 1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19939
10 Hockert, Oliver Oscar  22 Oct 1894Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19938
11 Hockert, Ruth E.  29 Nov 1889Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19924


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Gustaf Aron  20 Jul 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1721
2 Anderson, Sofie Augusta  6 Mar 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20039
3 Fyrstén, Hedda Dorothea  20 Feb 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1717
4 Fyrstén, Maria Josefina  16 Oct 1919Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54547
5 Höckert, Frans Gustaf Oskar  16 Mar 1903Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20040
6 Hockert, Hjalmer E.  1 Jan 1916Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19919
7 Johnson, Jonas Reinhold  7 Jan 1913Chicago, Cook, Illinois I2971
8 Olsson, Olga Marie  5 Apr 1934Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19918
9 Scouten, Charles Edward  7 Feb 1898Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1723
10 Svanström, Kristina Karolina*  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois I126


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fyrstén, Hedda Dorothea  21 Feb 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1717
2 Hockert, Hjalmer E.  5 Jan 1916Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19919
3 Scouten, Charles Edward  8 Feb 1898Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1723


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Fyrstén, Maria Josefina  16 Oct 1919Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1716


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ida Elfreda  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19941
2 Ida Elfreda  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19941
3 Ida Elfreda  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19941
4 Ahlquist, Eunice Verda  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19942
5 Ahlquist, Frank W.  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19922
6 Ahlquist, Frank W.  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19922
7 Ahlquist, Frank W.  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19922
8 Anderson, Charles August  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois I3670
9 Anderson, Gustaf Aron  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1721
10 Anderson, Sofie Augusta  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20039
11 Anderson, Sofie Augusta  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20039
12 Anderson, Sofie Augusta  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20039
13 Anderson, Sofie Augusta  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20039
14 Anson, Hattie Virginia  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois I3718
15 Anson, Hattie Virginia  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I3718
16 Cserep, Olga M.  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19936
17 Cserep, Olga M.  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I144518
18 Cserep, Olga M.  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19936
19 Cserep, Olga M.  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I144518
20 Fyrstén, Emma Charlotta  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1715
21 Fyrstén, Emma Charlotta  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1715
22 Hockert, Chester Edgar  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19920
23 Hockert, Chester Edgar  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19920
24 Hockert, Elaine Marie  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19940
25 Hockert, Ernst Leonard  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19987
26 Hockert, Ernst Leonard  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19987
27 Hockert, Ernst Leonard  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19987
28 Hockert, Ernst Leonard  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19987
29 Hockert, Ernst Russell  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19923
30 Hockert, Ernst Russell  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19923
31 Hockert, Ernst Russell  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19923
32 Höckert, Frans Gustaf Oskar  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20040
33 Hockert, Hjalmer  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19943
34 Hockert, Hjalmer E.  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19919
35 Hockert, Malcolm Gustave  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20038
36 Hockert, Malcolm Gustave  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20038
37 Hockert, Malcolm Gustave  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20038
38 Hockert, Malcolm Gustave  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20038
39 Hockert, Mildred Anna  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20035
40 Hockert, Olga Lucille  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19939
41 Hockert, Oliver Oscar  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19938
42 Hockert, Oliver Oscar  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19938
43 Hockert, Oliver Oscar  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19938
44 Hockert, Oliver Oscar  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19938
45 Hockert, Oliver Oscar  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19938
46 Hockert, Oliver Oscar  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19938
47 Hockert, Ruth E.  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19924
48 Hockert, Ruth E.  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19924
49 Hockert, Ruth E.  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19924
50 Hockert, Ruth E.  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19924

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ahlquist / Hockert  28 Apr 1917Chicago, Cook, Illinois F8216
2 Anderson / Fyrstén  13 Feb 1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois F746
3 Anderson / Peterson  9 Nov 1907Chicago, Cook, Illinois F19291
4 Höckert / Anderson  26 Dec 1882Chicago, Cook, Illinois F8251
5 Hockert / Cserep  10 Jun 1918Chicago, Cook, Illinois F8223
6 Hockert / Cserep  10 Jun 1918Chicago, Cook, Illinois F73693
7 Hockert / Olsson  21 Aug 1909Chicago, Cook, Illinois F8213
8 Janda / Ahlquist  26 Apr 1946Chicago, Cook, Illinois F8225
9 Janda / Ahlquist  26 Apr 1946Chicago, Cook, Illinois F73695
10 Nelson / Kirkeby  5 Nov 1898Chicago, Cook, Illinois F8467
11 Scouten / Fyrstén  14 Dec 1878Chicago, Cook, Illinois F748